Monday, October 16, 2006

Packing for Atlanta

This is the worst time of year to pack for a long business trip.

I'm flying from Memphis to Atlanta in the morning, and I won't be home until Sunday morning. The weather is forecast to range from 45 to 80 while I'm there! Who can pack for that?? Thank God I'm a man. I have no idea how the women do it with all y'all have to include.

Adding to the madness is the requirement for business casual, casual, and business dress all in one trip. Its a nightmare. Normally I don't check bags. I wheel the little black suitcase on the plane, along with the ole laptop. Not this time though. I'm taking the modern day version of a steamer trunk.

Tomorrow night I'm doing a "dinner cruise" on Lake Lanier with the group I'm speaking to on Wednesday.

That means that come Wednesday I'll have to earn my dinner from the previous night with a fresh, entertaining, and motivating speech to fifty bankers about sales coaching. Two hours worth at that.

Tough as that sounds, I'm pretty good at it, believe it or not. The hardest part of motivational speaking is keeping up with what material the audience has heard from you previously. This is no problem for contract speakers, but "captives" like me definitely have repeat audiences.

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