Monday, October 16, 2006

MSNBC From Baghdad

I enjoyed this discussion tonight in browsing through the political stuff.


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I love the comments from the hard right, who claim the "media is liberally biased because they don't report good news from Iraq".

In this story a guy named Bob wrote the reporter to tell her he knew a bunch of good news. When she asked for details, the good news story ended up being a student who was kidnapped but was returned safely.

With good news like that, who needs Fox News?

Speaking for Faux News, I hate em. And I'm not a "Yeller Dog Democrat" as we say in the South. Five years ago I was raising money for Republican candidates.

Sometime soon when I have more time, I'll try to explain my transformation from Kool-Aid drinking "conservative" to moderate hater of most of Washington. Since Washington happens to be controlled by the Repubs, I happen to dislike them more.

That will probably change when this thing cycles and the Dems take over. I'll swing back the other direction maybe.

But for now...I say investigate Bush, investigate the war lies, and bar Karl Rove from creating more fear and lies with his campaign "strategies".

More to come....

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