Monday, October 16, 2006

Gotta Start Somewhere

I suppose most blogs are like diets. 98% of the folks who start them don't get very far.

Seems like anytime I search for good blog discussions, most of the links I find are well-intentioned bloggers who quit after four or five posts.

Far be it for me to promise any more than that....but we'll see.

Do people outside of the South say "far be it for me"? If not, perhaps I should translate my Southspeak. I enjoy dialects, and I tend to use mine to my advantage from time to time. More about that later. Anyway, "far be it for me" means "I'm the last person who would promise more than that."


Anonymous said...

Good luck! As a native SoCal, let's see if I use it right... hem...
"I'm fixin' to do me up one of these here blogs"

Cliff Notes said...

Nicely done!

I was actually in Santa Clarita last weekend. Had a great time on a father-son trip with my 10 yr old son.

We visited Warner Bros studio, Universal, and the double decker bus tour from Grauman's is great!