Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Keith Olbermann has brass balls

Somehow in my travels this story escaped me.

Certainly if you aren't a completely lop-sided Republican, Bill Clinton's sheer intellect should amaze you. But it shouldn't surprise you. Olbermann's courage to expose Fox and then to put Bush on the carpet almost brought tears to my eyes.

Don't tell me that Keith doesn't leave the office now with more than a modicum of concern for his health and that of his family. He knew that when he wrote the editorial and when he delivered it. THAT is courage.

In thinking about how dangerous it is now to speak our minds in a "FREE" country, it made me truly appreciate those journalists past and present who have stood up to the establishment in countries that aren't free.

I remember when I was in college and Keith and Dan Patrick were an everyday addiction on Sportscenter. His unique self-confidence, laced with world-depreciating humor, were part of why ESPN thrives today.

And think about one more thing when you consider what Keith has done:

He has relegated himself to a limited career path for the rest of his life.

Now don't get me wrong...we desperately need "neutral" fact-based and uneditorialized journalists more than EVER. But I think Keith decided he couldn't be the person he is if he sugar-coated the things he's witnessed from Fox News for years. Therefore every future job consideration for him will have to carry the discussion of "he's just another James Carville. We can only hire him for opinion and analysis".

So now we finally have someone who will call them on their propaganda and Clinton-blaming, Clinton-hijacking machine.

I appreciate it.


The Sanity Inspector said...

Thanks for the comment at my place. Suggestion: Install a free hit counter, such as Sitemeter. You will enjoy your blog more if you can see how many people are visiting, and from where, and for how long. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Cliff Notes said...

Great suggestion! Now that I know that is possible, thanks to you, I'm going to do that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I was enjoying your blog. Apparently, you didn't watch the 10 minute video. This diatribe started to really hit the mark for me, and then the vitriol of his comments lead me to believe it was just another of the drive-by-media patting themselves on the back.

Cliff Notes said...

I appreciate your comments, and I'm glad you were (past tense) enjoying your visit.

I would encourage you to not give up on any read, relationship, or conversation just because of fork in the road of opinion.

I think when we only stick to the sites of those we are in total agreement with, we lose a lot of opportunity to learn to communicate our differences.

As to your point, I certainly see it. Some of the comments probably were inappropriate, as it wasn't GW Bush's fault that Fox hijacked Clinton.

But please understand that it has been very hard for many of us to watch what Fox has gotten away with for so many years while they tell their audience with a straight face that they are "fair and balanced". I would have lost my cool as well.

Thank you again!