Thursday, October 26, 2006

13 Most Haunted Places

Got an email from Michelle, a VERY impressive blogger herself, about this story by Seth on the "real" haunted places in the world.

Michelle may have read one of my earlier posts on Halloween and how I was looking for something to do in Nashville.

Ok, so here's the connection. One of the places that made the list is in TENNESSEE...not only that, the ghost is named Kate!

So Michelle is the first person to actually give me any advice on how NOT to sit at a bar and watch the costumed collegian crusaders parade around in G-strings.

Hmmm. Its sit at the bar alone and look like a pitiful old guy....or hoof it out to Adams, TN, and see if Kate's busy....

I'll get back to you.


Lannae said...

Well, Lower Broadway is always good. Tootsies and Robert's Western Wear are always good places to go no matter time. Try looking at for listings for next week. The Boundr'y is a restaurant that has a great bar to see and be seen! Bon Voyage, and I hope you enjoy your trip to Nashville!

gentry said...

What are you into? I know a little bit about every scene here... from country to house to rocka billie... or just a good mellow bar.

Cliff Notes said...

Thanks, Gentry...

Really for this occasion I'm thinking people watching.

So the perfect place would be a 30-something place with a great costume contest, close to my downtown hotel.